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About us

Diana Daum

Managing Director Löschigel GmbH

Responsible for HR, accounting, creative, customer contact and everything else that comes up in a StartUp and doesn't fit into the other two's fields of work. Live in the situation;)

Jan Heinemann

Gründer Löschigel GmbH

Pragmatic, unconventional, innovative, personal. These guiding principles drive me in strategy development, open to new things and cooperative, that is the key to success. In addition, I take care of development, purchasing and production. For every problem there is a solution... Let's go!

Alexander Miltz

Founder Alex Lightsystem

Responsible for everything that arises in the field of IT or event technology. No matter if it is the stuck keyboard or the spelling mistake on the homepage. For every problem there is a solution

Löschigel, die Anfänge

As volunteers, we are often faced with the following dilemma: We are all passionate about helping others, but we want to be able to return home healthy after the mission.

In 2019 alone, 2454 firefighters had an accident severe enough to qualify for a disability pension. Every single one counts. An operation in which a comrade, from whom we had learned something new the day before, became our own patient made the drama clear to us and showed us that things cannot go on like this.

The extinguishing hedgehog offers, with easy and intuitive handling, a possibility to avoid entering dangerous areas. Instead of an emergency personnel, the extinguishing hedgehog, which is mounted on a ladder, can simply be pushed forward. The safety distance and thus the safety of the firefighters is significantly increased. We are now working on further innovations to strengthen the emergency services and make them safer.

Protect those who protect us!

The foundation for the development of the Löschigel was laid by participation in Jugend forscht. Hundreds of hours of work, four different prototypes, numerous tests and discussions bore fruit, was awarded by the Federal Minister of Labor, Hubertus Heil, with the Bundessieg bei Jugend forscht im Fachbereich Arbeitswelt geehrt!

"The best idea is of no use to anyone if it is not exploited." (Walter A. Heiby) true to the motto of the ideas competition, we designed a business model to go with the Löschigel to really give fire departments the support they deserve. Our business model was submitted several times to the Ideenwettbewerb Rheinland-Pfalz awarded. From the business model, we developed our solid business plan, which secured us 1st place in the StartUp Teens competition and has guided us safely through our business life and into the national finals of Jugend gründet since our founding in February.

Unsere Vision

We revolutionize the safety of BOS, more safety for emergency forces!

Public hazard prevention is rethought from the ground up at our company. Rescue and innovation. Nationally and internationally, we will establish new more sustainable and safer standards in hazard response.  Equip old proven teams with new, ergonomic and time-efficient solutions. We want to offer safety and support to all involved, from the patient himself, through alerting, to the end of the mission.

Protect those who protect us!

Unsere Werte

Kooperation auf Augenhöhe, wir entwickeln unsere Ideen mit den Einsatzkräften zusammen, jede Meinung und Idee, wird ernst genommen und diskutiert. Als aktive Einsatzkräfte wissen wir selbst, wie vielseitig die Einsatzszenearien sind, daher brauchen wir auch vielseitige Lösungen. Die Kameradschaft aus unseren Ehrenämtern prägt unser Miteinander, jeder kann jederzeit auf die Hilfsbereitschaft des Teams vertrauen. Rücksicht und Verständnis bei privaten Einschränkungen gehört ebenso dazu, wie eine konstruktive Fehlerkultur, Fehler müssen erkannt und akzeptiert werden; man steht dazu und lernt daraus. Wir bilden uns ständig weiter und mischen dadurch ganz vorne am Stand der Technik mit. Leben in der Lage, es kommt meist anders als erwartet, unsere Leidenschaft und Freude an der Arbeit ermöglichen es uns agil zu reagieren und gemeinsam sichere, nachhaltige und innovative Qualitätsprodukte zu entwickeln.

Our partners

Wofür man Zusammenarbeit braucht, ist in den Hilfsorganisationen klar. Auch wir arbeiten mit Freunden und Partnern zusammen, um die Kundenfreundlichkeit und Kundenzufriedenheit auf einem hohen Niveau zu halten.