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Hier haben wir für euch häufig gefragte Fragen zusammen gefasst.

You attach the BlazeX to a portable extension ladder, then you connect the fire hose and then push it, thanks to the rollers with low afford, into into the dangerous area, so the danger is fought from close range, while the firefighters can stay outside.

The BlazeX is optimized for industrial and hall fires, where a large range of movement is available for the portable extension ladders. Additional fields of application are forest fires, container cooling, ship fires, tunnel fires and the precipitation of toxic gases and aerosols like chlorine.

The metal of the ladder can withstand such use up to 200° without any relevant changes to the material. Nevertheless, after each use, an inspection must be carried out by a qualified equipment maintenance person. The ladder is constantly cooled by the extinguishing hedgehog and, as in general, such high temperatures do not occur close to the ground.

The BlazeX weighs only ca. 9kg.



5 bar

320 l/min

7 bar

375 l/min

10 bar

450 l/min

The BlazeX was designed to increase the safety of firefighters!

The common configuration consists of twelve nozzles

Yes, you can change the nozzles easily with common tools

Der Löschigel kann je nach Verladekonzept auf dem Dach untergebracht werden oder am Schutzbügel aufgehangen werden.

Bisher ist der Löschigel nur für die Verwendung mit Wasser freigegeben, für Freigabe mit Schaum, müssen wir zuerst noch weitere Tests durchführen..